Childrens HUB

The Health HUB is a single contact number (0300 555 0606) and email address: for our 0-19 school nursing and health visiting teams across Bedfordshire and Luton, with our Community Paediatrics teams and Looked after Children teams keeping their email addresses but moving over to our single contact number. This change has affected some more than others but we hope that service users and partners/organisations that use the Health HUB will become used to this new way of contacting us.

Since the launch on 1st June 2021 we are averaging around 250 calls per day, and 200 emails per day. Our call centre is manned by four call handlers every day who take calls, with our busiest time of the day between 9am and 11am for the phone line.

If you have any suggestions or feedback about that Health HUB that you would like to share – please email: