Personal information is held by the Practice in confidence and will not be disclosed to a third party without consent, unless under exceptional circumstances it is deemed to be in the public interest. Our practice computer also holds a record of your medical history and can only be accessed by authorised members of our practice team. For further information contact the Practice Manager.

Confidentiality Policy

Please note that the Practice feels the reasons for this policy are as follows:-

  • All information held at the Practice about patients is confidential whether held electronically or in hard copy.
  • Other information about the Practice is also confidential.
  • The staff of the Practice will by necessity have access to such confidential information from time to time.
  • All staff personnel records and salary records that are held within the Practice are highly confidential.

This policy will apply to all employees and partners and also applies to other people who work at the Practice, e.g. locum GPs, retainees, flexible working doctors, and temporary staff.

The terms of this policy are:

1. Staff must not under any circumstances disclose patients’ information to anyone outside the Practice, except to other health professionals on a need to know basis or when the patient has provided written consent.

2. Staff must not under any circumstances disclose other confidential information about the Practice to anyone outside the Practice unless with the express consent of the Senior Partner/Practice Manager.

3. Staff should limit any discussion about confidential information to only those who need to know within the Practice.

4. Staff must be aware of, and conform to, the requirements of the Caldicot recommendations.

5. Electronic transfer of any confidential information once approved by the Practice Manager/Senior Partner must be transmitted by the NHS Net only

6. Staff must take particular care that confidential information is not transmitted in error by e-mail or over the internet.

7. Staff who suspect a breach of confidentiality must inform the Practice Manager/Senior Partner immediately.

8. Any breach of confidentiality will be considered as a serious disciplinary offence and may lead to dismissal.

9. Staff remain bound by the requirement to keep information confidential even when they are no longer employed at the Practice.